One Doll or Door

Over the last few years I often thought about how I could best make a difference in our world. As a corporation, Harris Greenaway Communications supports the community and local charities, we attend and contribute to fundraising events but I really wanted to help people on a more direct and personal level.

My daughter works as an ER nurse in a new hospital in Campbell River, BC. On my latest trip to see her we talked about how she was finding her new job. She told me she really enjoyed the nurses she worked with and was beginning to feel at home in the community. Then she told me something that made me sit back in my chair; something that became the beginning of an idea.

She explained that when treating small children, whether physically or emotionally, treatment always went better when the kids had something to hang onto. Since the hospital she works in is new, they didn’t really have anything in place which seemed quite unfortunate to me. I thought perhaps I could do something about that; provide something they could give to the kids to help support them during their treatments.

When I was younger, I made Raggedy Ann dolls and thought that I could make some for the children in the hospital. I searched out the pattern that has been discontinued and started work on the first pair - one Raggedy Ann and one Raggedy Andy. These have since been sent to Campbell River and I have started the second and third pair. I really enjoy making them and hope these dolls will give kids the support they need. I’m going to keep making them until someone says “stop!”

So, you see a door can open at any time and I would encourage anyone to step out and do something that they can do individually. We can all make this a better world, one doll or door at a time.


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